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I have been in the hobby for over 25 years. Buying and selling all types of sports cards and non-sport cards and memorabilia.  eBay power sellers for over 15 years and have a perfect feedback rating. I have sold on eBay since 2001 and I have always given the best service out there. We have sold hundreds of thousands of items. We have also bought thousands of items online as well. Our service for selling is top-notch. Great feedback on protecting your cards in shipment and a quality retailer. We are looking to turn this service in your favor as we would like the collector to be able to purchase any item they want for their collection ( raw or graded cards only ). This is your chance to collect the cards you love without the overseas hassle of paying for 10 different cards at $8+ a shipment. You can buy all the cards you want and then request a shipment quote. We will then get a quote back to you fast and then once we receive your shipping method and payment we will pack your items up safe and secure and ship them right out.  We have No FEES on ANY PACKAGE mailed to your mailbox.

I have a friend in France who has been sending their items he won to my house for many years. I hold his items and he will contact me to ship them. Once I tell him the cost of packing and shipping his items to him he sends me a PayPal payment. We have been doing this for many years. He collects a few different players and teams. Many of the cards he wants the seller will not send outside the USA. This is where I come to help. With my US address, he can now buy any card from and seller and site in the world. Even the ones that will ship to his country. Shipping an item in the USA many sellers offer FREE or a very small fee to ship the item. If they ship to his country then it may be 6-15$ ... Then he would use my address to save him hundred's of dollars that he can use on other buying to make his collection very large.

You can have ANYTHING  shipped to your mailbox from cards to helmets and McFarlanes to clothing and sweets and much much more.

All with the hassle of NO FEES on your packages!


It takes less time to grow your collection with Get It Shipped International. You will have access to sellers all over the globe, especially those who do not ship out of the US. More sellers, more opportunities!


Signing up for a subscription is easy! It only takes minutes for you to be on your way to the collection of your dreams!


Your items will be placed in a secure, weather-proof storage box.


All items sent to your storage box will be checked for any noticeable damage. If anything comes in damaged we will contact you and send you a scan of your damaged item. We are not a grading service so we only look for major damage. Please make sure your seller ships your item(s) securely and SAFE ! When you request a shipment from your storage box you need to pay and duties and taxes your country requires. we are not responsible for any items damaged or lost if the package is not insured. Please choose the right shipping option when we send you your quotes.


Have any questions? Give us a call 802-662-3595